Big Brown Ugly Building

Council drop-in session

Tuesday 7th March 2017, 7pm to 9pm at 5 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG


(from the council)

From: Allott, Dawn []

Sent: 24 February 2017 12:12

Subject: 6a St Pancras Way DM Forum: Tuesday 7th March

Dear XXX,

Development Management Forum Invitation

I am writing to invite you to a meeting of the Camden Development Management Forum about a pre application redevelopment proposal at Ted Baker plc, Ugly Brown Building, 6a St Pancras Way, NW1

Date: Tuesday 7 March

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Place: Room 10.10, 10th floor, 5 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG

The proposal:

Redevelopment up to 12/13 storeys including offices, shops, restaurant, hotel and between 60 and 130 new flats.

What is the purpose of a Development Management forum?

The Forum gives local people the chance to see what is being proposed and give their comments before a planning application is made.

After a presentation by the developer there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and to give your views on the proposals.

It complements any local consultation which developers carry out before they put in an application

It helps to ensure more meaningful public involvement on proposed schemes rather than awaiting the formal consultation stage of an application when it is harder to influence changes in the scheme

What does the Development Management Forum not do?

It is not a decision-making meeting. Its purpose is to answer questions and raise issues. If a formal application is made in future the Council will decide the application on its merits following normal planning rules.

It does not replace the legal duty for local councils to publicise certain types of planning applications that they receive. Camden's current consultation standards and practices for publicising applications will not change.

Camden Councillors and officers who attend will not express any opinions on the merits of the proposal

It cannot be used for lobbying members of the Development Management Committee. This is because members of the Committee have to keep an open mind until a formal decision on an application is made. If they express views about the proposals they will not be able to take part in any future decision.

It cannot require the developer to make changes to the proposals as a result of the discussion at the meeting

You can find more information about Development Management Forums in the Major Developments section of our website or you can contact me by phone on 020 7974 1797 or by email at

We want to make sure that all sections of the community are able to participate in the Forum so if you require a language interpreter, including British Sign Language, need information in other formats or have any special needs please let me know.

I hope you are able to attend and look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Yours faithfully

Dawn Allott

Community Liaison Officer

Regeneration and Planning

Supporting Communities

London Borough of Camden

Telephone: 020 7974 1797

2nd floor, 5 Pancras Square, London N1C 4AG

(from the developer's PR representatives)

From: UglyBrownBuilding

Date: Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 9:40 AM

Subject: Invitation to a Development Management Forum on proposals for the Ugly Brown Building

Dear XXX,

Following our previous correspondence on 27 October inviting you to a drop-in session to present our early ideas for the Ugly Brown Building - otherwise known as fashion brand Ted Baker's site at 2-6 St Pancras Way - please find attached a letter form the CEO of Reef Estates, Stewart Deering, inviting you to a Development Management Forum (DMF) being organised and hosted by Camden Council on Tuesday 7 March at 7pm at Room 10.10, 10th floor, 5 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG.

You may have received notification of this from the Council directly.

We do hope that you can attend.

Many thanks,

Jay Allan

Account Executive

London Communications Agency

8th Floor | Berkshire House | 168-173 High Holborn | London | WC1V 7AA

T: 020 7612 8480 | DD: 020 7291 1506 | M: 0770 467 8903


Previous correspondence

From: UglyBrownBuilding

Date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 10:18 AM

Subject: Ugly Brown Building: Drop in session

Dear XXX

Many thanks for attending our drop in session on 9 November for Reef Estate's redevelopment proposals for the Ugly Brown Building on 2-6 St Pancras Way.

Following the session, we have continued to evolve the early designs we recently presented to you, alongside ongoing discussions with the London Borough of Camden. These designs will be expanded upon at a Development Management Forum (DMF) - a Camden Council led event - prior to a public exhibition, which will take place in the New Year.

We will of course be in touch with you once dates for these have been confirmed.

In the meantime, if you have any further queries then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks,

Stewart Deering

Chief Executive, Reef Estates

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