Examples of objections to Dead Dog Basin plans

Comments from Councillor Sian Berry (Highgate Ward)

Objection to Planning Application: 2015/4774/P Buildings at Camden Lock, specifically ancillary works and alterations to the canal basin.

Although I have no strong objection to the majority of these proposals, although I would like to see more attention paid to creative industries and wider range of uses than food and entertainment, I am writing to object very strongly to the proposed changes to the 'Dead Dog' canal basin in this application. These are described within the application as part of 'Ancillary works and alterations to existing structures and surfaces and other public realm improvements.'

I fully support the objections the Council has received from the Regent's Network and Friends of Regent's Canal about the proposed restaurant extension and overhang into the basin. In brief, I believe the proposals contravene a number of Camden planning policies, and that they should be rejected for these reasons:

. Not being in keeping with the industrial character of the basin in terms of design, and causing harm to a heritage asset of the area: DP 24 - securing high quality design, CS14 - promoting high quality places and conserving our heritage

. Removing the potential for the basin to be used again for interchange with canalbased transport: London Plan policy 7.24, CS11 - promoting sustainable and efficient travel

The basin is Grade II listed and described by the Regent's Network as "one of the most unusual and useful canal docks in the country" and could again be used for its original purpose, particularly with the increase in water freight envisaged by other policies. The overhanging extension into the basin that is proposed would not only destroy it in terms of design and heritage, but also permanently encroach upon the space in the basin and reduce its utility in terms of its potential use for unloading and loading freight.

If its overall shape was instead left intact, and space allowed in the plans for loading and unloading, then there may in future be opportunities to integrate it again with the rest of the market and use it for deliveries to nearby businesses (e.g. pubs) or even integrate freight transport with the rail network again.

Camden's Core Strategy policy CS11 states that Camden will seek to "encourage the movement of goods by canal" and the London Plan defines all parts of the Regent's canal as part of London's Blue Ribbon Network and policy 7.24 states that "The Blue Ribbon Network is a strategically important series of linked spaces It should contribute to the overall quality and sustainability of London by prioritising uses of the waterspac and land alongside it safely for water related purposes, in particular for passenger and freight transport." Water freight transport causes 80% lower emissions and pollution than lorry transport.

These opportunities would be lost forever if permission is granted for putting a large part of the basin out of use with the proposed extension structure.

I urge the Council to reject this part of the plans as they would breach these policies and cause harm to an important asset. Simple changes to the application to preserve the basin and providing loading and unloading facilities within the vaults of the building could provide the amenity of the proposed development without this damage, and these should be made a condition of approving the overall application.

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Illustrated objection from Regents Network


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Comments from Friends of Regent's Canal

Dear Kathryn,

I am writing on behalf of the Friends of Regent's Canal to comment on the proposals for the Dead Dogs Basin.

Last night I chaired a public meeting that was attended by a wide cross-section of canal users and residents and there was unanimous agreement that the basin should not be covered by any overhanging structure and that its capacity should not be reduced.

The plans for dredging the basin and restoring its appearance and welcome and I see this as one of the main planning gains of this application. The proposals to use this basin during construction are also particularly welcome because this will make good use of the canal and will take some strain off the roads. I am hoping that this idea will also demonstrate that the basin is an extremely useful transport resource.

Please make it a condition of this planning application that the viewing platforms can overlook the basin but not encroach on it.


Ian Shacklock

Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal.

24th September 2015

Comments from Jenny Jones (London Assembly)


Comments from IWA



Comments from Gerry Heward, Commercial Director of Wood, Hall and Heward


Comments from boaters





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