How to register an objection

Method 1 - send an e-mail to the Planning department


Subject: Planning Ref 2015/4774

For attention of Kathryn Moran, Senior Planning Officer.

Dear Kathryn,

I am writing to object to the proposed restaurant extension in the plans for Dead Dogs Basin.

This initial design would reduce the capacity of the basin by an unacceptable amount and would cancel out its benefits both visually and as a waterway resource.

I fully support the idea of opening up the basin, brightening it up, and bringing it back to life. If its overall shape is left intact then there will be numerous opportunities to integrate it with the rest of the market, but these opportunities would be lost forever if permission is granted for covering such a large area of the water surface. Please instruct the designers to withdraw this feature and to replace it with a less intrusive structure.

Yours sincerely,

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Method 2 - submit your comments via the online form on the council website

WARNING: the form restricts your opportunities to share your comments with others or to revisit them later. You should write and save your draft comments before entering them into the system.

If you want to use this method then try this link or else go to the council website and search for planning application 2015/4774.

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