Camden Market Freight Options

The Friends of Regent's Canal have persistently campaigned for greater usage of the waterways for environmentally-friendly transport. The canal's potential for freight has been recognised in the planning documents and some pertinent extracts are supplied below. However, we cannot take anything for granted. These comments need to be absorbed and taken seriously by the decision makers.

It is quite obvious that the Dead Dogs Basin is ideally located to facilitate construction, but why stop there? Why can't it continue to show its worth throughout the lifetime of the market?

Planning Statement

See PDF file.

Section 13.24.
Consideration will be given to using the canal to transport construction material as the site is extremely constrained; use of the canal for this purpose is supported in principle by the Canal and River Trust...A full Construction Management Plan would form part of a Section 106 legal agreement.

Construction Manangement Plan

See PDF file.

page 11
It is intended, subject to agreement with the Canal & River trust, that any demolition materials are removed from site via Regent's Canal in barges. This can be loaded directly into barges moored either in the inlet or the lock using excavators. Any demolition works to the East Vaults will be undertaken last. Once the East vaults is clear, Dead Dog Basin will be drained using a fibre / fabric dam allowing any repairs to be carried out.

The new unit at the south of West Yard will be built and then the East Vaults opened up and fitted out. This will include the formation and fitting out of a restaurant inside the East Vaults that spans out over Dead Dog Basin. The new restaurant slab will be formed over part of the basin and when cured, the steel superstructure will be erected. The basin can be refilled and the temporary dam removed. The glazed walls can then be installed, leaving the area ready to be fitted out. The kitchens and Restaurant area will be fitted out, with any life-safety systems integrated into the site-wide systems. When the area is completed, the systems will be tested and witnessed

page 16
With Regent's Canal on the southern boundary of the site, we believe that the canals should be used as much as possible. This will cut down on the numbers of vehicle movements in what is already a very congested area and be a very ecologically friendly means of transporting a variety of materials from and to the development. There are also inlets into Middle Yard and Dead Dog Basin that can be utilised for mooring barges during the works. We have held preliminary discussions with The Canal & River Trust who are extremely keen on the canals system being used for this type of work.

page 23
Dead Dog Basin sits below the Interchange Building and is part of the Site. It could be used to bring materials in and waste out whilst the East Vaults and (to a lesser extent) the East yard are being refurbished.

page 30
It is envisaged the canals will be used as much as possible during the project. There is an inlet into Middle Yard and Dead Dog Basin under the Interchange Building and these can be used to provide access to the site for barges.

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