These documents have been copied here for your convenience, in case the council website is unavailable. Please be aware that this web page is not being maintained so you must go to the council's website (search for 2017/1230/P) to check whether any of these documents have been re-issued.

Please be aware that some of these documents are very large.

Planning Statement

Design and Access Statement (52MB)

Heritage and Townscape Appraisal (5MB)

Daylight and Sunlight Report (13MB)

Statement of Community Involvement

Affordable Housing Statement

Tree Report

Detailed Drawings Set (10MB)

Existing Elevations and Sections

Proposed Elevations and Sections (5MB)

Existing Plans

Proposed Floor Plans

Air Quality Assessment (3MB)

Application Form


Cover Letter

Demolition Elevations and Section

Demolition Plans

Energy and Sustainability Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment Sustainable Drainage Strategy (9MB)

Ground Investigation Report (9MB)

Noise and Vibration Assessment

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (3MB)

Proposed Site Layout

Site Location Plan

Transport Statement (3MB)

Travel Plan Statement (3MB)