Threat to Regent's Canal Conservation Area

Vodafone is thinking of installing phone masts on a rooftop overlooking the Regent's Canal. The building in question is known as Angel Wharf and it lies between Packington Bridge and Holborn Studios.


If this plan is approved then it will raise the average height of the buildings along this stretch and it will make a mockery of the Regent's Canal Conservation Area.


Naturally this has caused great concern to the residents of Angel Wharf and we have provided a link to their help sheet below. But this will affect all canal users, not just the immediate residents. The initial illustrations might not disturb you but this is just the tip of the iceberg. This would set a disasastrous precedent if Vodafone do not rethink their choice of location.

If you are motivated to object to this proposal then please send an e-mail to and include "Site Number: 148242" in your e-mail subject.

Sample objection (pre-planning consultation)


Subject: Site Number 148242

For attention of Ilana Clark, spokesperson for Cornerstone Telecommunications Infrastructure Limited

Dear Ilana,

I am writing to object to Vodafone's proposal to install phone masts on the roof of Angel Wharf.

etc, etc

Note - you should give at least one reason for objecting. You need not be a resident in the immediate area because the canal is a public open space and it is being promoted as London's Greatest Park. For ideas see the residents' association's flyer.


Hackney Citizen, 10th March

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