Subject: Another wharf is being sacrificed for housing.

Dear Friends,

If you are concerned about our canal's long term future then you will probably be disturbed by the proposals to develop Bangor Wharf in Camden Town.

This is located opposite Reachview Close near the Constitution pub in St Pancras Way. The site appears to have been neglected and underutilised but it is in an ideal position for serving as a road-water interchange. Sadly the council officers have overlooked this benefit in their quest to transform the landscape across the borough.

We will have an opportunity to view and comment on the proposals on Thursday evening. The developer's representatives are holding a meeting at 7pm on Thursday 11th Feb at the site in Georgina Street NW1 0EB.

I fear that the opportunities to revive this site as a fully operational wharf have been lost. However it is not too late to influence a redesign of the ground floor amenities. The initial proposals make no attempt to capitalise on the suitability of this site for loading canal supplies; the canal will be blocked off instead of being opened up.

See here for some images and context

Please do not hesitate to take part in these discussions, even if you do not live in Camden. These proposals have an impact on all canal users, not just the nearby residents who are being plunged into the shade.

Best wishes,

Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal
9th February 2016

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