Subject: TONIGHT - Friends of Regent's Canal Meeting.

Dear Friends,

Our next public meeting will take place at the London Canal Museum (N1 9RT) tonight at 7pm. A flyer for this meeting is available on this web page:-

This will be an opportunity to address our primary aims, which are to promote and protect the canal. We will be promoting the Camley Street Nature Reserve (near St Pancras Lock) and their current wildlife projects. This is one of the few stretches alongside the canal that can still provide an escape from urban life and I urge you all to visit it. Here are some snapshots of this community resource:-

We will discuss some initiatives to tackle litter problems and will hear from Richard Elkan of the London Canal Volunteers. Their efforts to clear litter from the water surface were broadcast last November on BBC1. See here for some extracts from the documentary:-

There will also be some announcements about canal heritage projects and we will be recruiting contributors for these projects.

On a more depressing note we will hear about development proposals that will benefit a handful of stakeholders but could rob the canal of its charm and its open spaces forever. In some cases we might still have a chance to influence the outcome of these proposals and we should use our resources to coordinate our views. In other cases it is too late to have a say and our only option is to make the most of the canal landscape before it disappears. Over the coming months we will publish reports of changes that are happening and I urge you all to visit these scenes while they still exist and I welcome any contributions (such as photographs, organised walks) that you can offer.

I look forward to seeing you at tonight's meeting or receiving your comments.

Best wishes

Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal

13th May 2015

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