Subject: Emergency meeting tonight - protecting canal landmarks.

Dear Friends,

You are invited to a meeting this evening at Holborn Studios (Eagle Wharf, N1 7ED) to discuss some serious threats to major landmarks along the canal and to enjoy a short tour of the premises.

The two main sites of concern are Holborn Studios, where the new landowners are plotting to demolish buildings that are being gainfully utilised, and the gasholders at Bethnal Green, which the National Grid wants to demolish. These sites are currently protected and are in the Regent's Canal Conservation Area, but this is not deterring the landowners from pushing ahead with proposals that could harm the canal environment.

Here are some brief details of our meeting.

The planning proposals for Holborn Studios are undergoing public consultation until 9th January. I appreciate that most people have other commitments at this time of year and I am sure that it is no accident that controversial proposals like this are revealed when the affected parties are distracted, so please do try to attend if you are available.

Best wishes

Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal

15th December 2014

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