Subject: Friends of Regent's Canal - news about heritage exhibition and mooring proposals.

Dear Friends,


If you are interested in the heritage of our canal in the Hackney area then please visit the exhibition on display at Shoreditch library (until 14th July). You are also welcome to attend an illustrated talk at this library on Wednesday 9th July at 6:30pm.

The address of the library is 80 Hoxton St, London N1 6LP.

You will find further details of this and other events on the following page of our website:-


The Canal and River Trust (CRT) has published proposals for changing the rules at some of the visitor mooring sites in London. The objective is to catalyse a higher turnover of boats at these sites to liberate them for tourists and other visiting boats. However, the proposals have not been welcomed by all parties because they might cause disruption to certain canal users. We are in an unfortunate position where the growing population of London-based boaters are competing for limited mooring spaces while tourists are deterred from visiting London. In recent years the canal has become a red route for visitors and a lottery for local boaters.

The effect of these proposals will not be realised until the latter part of summer so they are unlikely to result in a boost in tourism this year, but it is important that we all understand the background behind these proposals and the challenges we face due to overcrowding. Please visit the following page on our website to see the latest proposals along with a preview of the survey that needs to be completed by 9th July.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to share your views. There is little point in submitting a response in the name of the Friends of Regent's Canal because we are very divided on this issue but there are very good reasons for publishing a cross-section of our views on our website. Whether you are a leisure, residential or working boater, or whether you just appreciate the canal as an open space, the evolving mooring situation will affect you (almost as much as the overshadowing by canalside development) so please watch out for future discussions and try to take part in this current survey.

Best wishes,

Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal

26th June 2014

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