Subject: Friends of Regent's Canal - Mooring Issues and Tourist Information

Dear Friends,


The London Assembly has launched an investigation into mooring congestion and its impact on air quality; it is now gathering evidence that will help to produce a formal report. This investigation has been triggered by feedback from recent air quality seminars and it is a timely opportunity to address the root causes of mooring congestion and the long term future for boating in London. If you have any information or views on trends in mooring availability and affordability, ways of reducing pollution from boat engines and stoves, or anything else within the scope of this study then please feel free to have your say. For further information, click on the following link.


The managers and designers at Starbucks are now ready to receive ideas for the refurbishment of the Lock Keeper's Cottage. Later this month they will start to design the wall displays and they are relying on canal enthusiasts and local historians to contribute some images and text that can be integrated with the displays. I am expecting the displays to be dominated by the listed buildings in Camden Town, but since the information centre will serve the whole of the Regent's Canal I do not want to restrict the scope of our ideas at this stage. Please contact me this month if there are any activities or places of interest that you would like to be included or if you wish to make any comments on what visitors would expect to find at this information centre.


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Best wishes,

Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal

13th May 2013

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