Subject : Friends of Regent's Canal - canal attractions during the Olympics

Dear Friends,

The Olympic Games have caused a number of changes to take place in recent weeks, and these have affected different people in different ways, but now that things have settled down I would encourage everybody to visit the Mile End and Victoria Park stretches of the towpath.

In Mile End, a floating market was established last weekend and it will be operational for the next three weeks. It comprises about a dozen narrow boats selling refreshments, books, hats and crafts, etc. Please take the opportunity to talk to the boat owners about life on the canal and to find out about future events where you might meet them again.

In Victoria Park, you will find a number of visiting boats that are being moored on a temporary basis. They have come from different parts of the canal network and you might want to ask them questions about their boating experiences. I am sure that most of them will be pleased to share information.

This should provide a relaxed atmosphere within a mile of the Olympic site, without any obvious security restrictions, but please do not visit this area if you are in a hurry, as the average speed around the serving hatches is well below 1mph.

Please click on this link to see some images and directions.

Best wishes,

Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal

27th July 2012

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