Subject : Friends of Regent's Canal - Agenda for Meeting on 23rd May

Dear Friends,

Here is an outline agenda for our public meeting at the London Canal Museum, 7pm to 9pm, Wednesday 23rd May.

Announcements (e.g. Angel Canal Festival)
Issues in St Peter's Ward
Issues elsewhere along the Canal
Localism Bill
Innovative Uses of the Canal (e.g. Transport and Architecture)
The future of the Canal Information Centre in Camden Town
Five-year and Thirty-year Visions for the Canal.

This is an ambitious agenda and it will comprise a mixture of announcements, short talks and open discussions. You are encouraged to bring along your own ideas, especially for our discussions about the future. If you are wondering how you can contribute to the Vision discussions, then one approach is to reflect on the recent changes you like or dislike and then decide which changes you want to reverse and which ones you want to take even further. Even if we do not reach a consensus, these discussions could raise a lot of issues for others to address.

Throughout the meeting we need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of relying on volunteers to run a national transport network. Please be prepared to offer constructive criticism of this new strategy being adopted by the Canal and River Trust.

I look forward to your contributions at this meeting.

Best wishes,

Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal

22nd May 2012

Flyer for this meeting

Minutes of previous meeting.

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