Subject: Regent's Canal Update - Significant Changes to the Towpath in Islington

Dear Friends,

You are all invited to take part in a public consultation, to have your say about some towpath proposals. This 4-week consultation commenced on Saturday 18th February and you will have an opportunity to meet British Waterways staff this Wednesday at the Narrow Boat pub (between 3pm and 8pm) at 119 St Peters Street, N1 8PZ.

Whether you are a boater, a displaced walker, an angler, a cyclist, a wheelchair user, a local resident or a heritage campaigner, your views need to be taken into account. It is unlikely that the consultants will have explored all the issues that we are collectively aware of, so it is important that you have a say, directly or indirectly.

The original proposals were centred around a few cycle calming measures, as discussed at the Friends of Regent's Canal meeting on 7th September 2011, but you will see from the consultation posters that these ideas have evolved into a significant transformation of a unique heritage area. Please remember that this part of Islington is in a unique conservation area, whose character must be preserved, and whilst a bit of towpath widening here and there might seem like a quick win in an avoidable dilemma, it also amounts to a narrowing of our precious waterway. For our own sanity, we need to treat these proposals as concepts rather than firm plans, so please be prepared to offer constructive criticism.

I am particularly interested in hearing the views of freight operators, visiting boaters or any users who might suffer from width and mooring restrictions that might result from these proposals.

For further information please click on this link.

Best wishes,
Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal