Subject: Clarification - Regent's Canal Bicentenary


Dear Friends,

I would like to explain my references to the Regents Canal's bicentenary that have appeared in recent e-mails and other publicity.

As many of you already know, the canal's construction was started in 1812 and completed in 1820. Hence the bicentenary year of the opening will be in 2020, when we can expect some prominent celebrations to mark the occasion. On a smaller scale, some of us will want the mark the bicentenary of specific events and milestones. One of these events has already taken place, on 31st May 2011, when a dozen enthusiasts gathered at a coffee shop in Percy Street to mark the anniversary of the Inaugural Meeting. In 2012 there will be a couple of similar events, where appropriate. For example, we will remind ourselves that the Act of Parliament was granted on 13th July 1812, and we are also planning to stage a Regents Canal musical in August 2012.

These intermediate events will help to raise awareness in the build-up to 2020, and hopefully this will encourage more people to engage in the canal's history. For example, the arts students at King's Cross Central and the staff at Islington Museum. Activities could range from information gathering to designing plaques.

We can discuss these topics - in principle, at least - at our meeting on 7th December. If appropriate we can identify subgroups or individuals who are keen to look into it further. If you want to make comments or suggestions before the meeting then please get in contact with me.

Best wishes,

Ian Shacklock