Subject: Friends of Regent's Canal - Notification of imminent Events

Dear Friends

Thank you to everybody who attended the meeting on Wednesday. There were at least 45 people present during the main discussions and we had contributions from a wide range of canal users from Hackney, Islington, Camden and Primrose Hill, as well as three tourists. If anybody left the meeting without getting a chance to have their say, then it is not too late because I am always interested in receiving comments and I am now thinking of opening up a page on the website to allow differing opinions to be published.

We were so busy discussing future issues that we did not get a chance to discuss the most recent event on the canal. So on behalf of the thousands of people who visited the Angel Canal Festival I would like thank and congratulate Beryl Windsor and her teams for organising another successful event. I would also like to remind everybody that this was a particularly special occasion because it included the unveiling of Crystal Hale’s plaque, and without Crystal’s campaigning efforts we would have lost the entire City Road Basin to property development.

Here are some dates for your diary:-

Sunday 11th September, 1pm to 5pm – Gillespie Park Festival.

Monday 12th September, 6pm. Photo opportunity at Danbury Street (for Islington Tribune).

Saturday 24th September, 12 noon to 3pm. Highbury Earth Festival. Highbury Fields. Organised by Transition Highbury.

Wednesday 5th October, 7pm to 9pm. British Waterways London User Group Meeting, at the Pirate Castle, Camden Town

Two of these events (in Highbury) are not canal related, but they attract a lot of people who are interested in the canal. For example the Gillespie Park Festival has been paired with the Angel Canal Festival for the past 25 years. I recommend these two events as opportunities to network with people with common interests.

The photo opportunity has been arranged by Peter Gruner and myself. Peter wants to hear about any issues with noise pollution and inappropriate cycling along the towpath, and I am expecting an article to appear in next week’s Islington Tribune.

The BW user group will be an opportunity to continue the lively discussions that we had on Wednesday.

If anybody wants further information on any of these events then please contact me.

Best wishes,

Ian Shacklock