Subject: Friends of Regent's Canal - forthcoming events

Dear Friends,

Our next public meeting is on Wednesday 7th September. I have attached a flyer, which we will be posting along the towpath. You can also view this flyer by clicking on this link.

I have not itemised an agenda yet, but my intention is to allow as much time as possible for open discussions. There are a lot of issues that need to be raised or discussed, and there may not be time for any prolonged discussion on any individual topic. So, for some of these topics, I think the purpose of the meeting will be to set the scene and get a taste for each issue, to identify individuals or groups who can take matters further and to facilitate any ongoing discussions beyond the meeting.

If there are any issues or projects that you would like to raise then please let me know as soon as possible, and I will either work them into the agenda or find a way of promoting them via the website.

Prior to the meeting there are two other planned events that should interest you.

On Monday 8th August, a bat night is being held at Camley Street. Click below for booking details.

On Sunday 4th September, the Angel Canal Festival will take place at the City Road Basin. Click below to see their website.

Please be aware that I am now rationalising our e-mail address list. It has doubled in size this year, but I suspect that a third of the addresses are obsolete. I intend to write to some of the individuals and organisations that I have not heard from, to ensure that I am using the most up-to-date addresses for them. I am also getting concerned that, although e-mail is a convenient means of passing information to large groups, it can be unreliable sometimes, and I am aware that group e-mails such as this one can be filtered out into people's spam and junk folders before it reaches their in-box. To address this type of issue, I intend to duplicate these e-mail notifications onto our website, under the heading "News and Bulletins".

Best wishes,
Ian Shacklock
Chair, Friends of Regent's Canal.