The purpose of this bulletin is to disseminate infomation about projects, issues and discussions that have occurred outside our public meetings.


This is under continual development. There are now over a hundred photographs that illustrate the different sections of the Regent's Canal. Most people are able to view these galleries without difficulty but we would like to know whether anybody finds them sluggish to download in case we need to reorganise them.
There is a new menu on the website named FEATURES. This will be enhanced over the coming months as information and images become available. Via this menu you will find reports, news articles, biodiversity projects and various other items of special interest. (See

Wish List

We have been approached by an organisation that can supply teams of voluntary workers who are prepared to undertake one-off projects for the benefit of the community. It is now up to us to help to identify suitable projects. I have suggested to them that we could compile a wish list of all the improvements and changes that could be carried out on and around the canal. Once we have enough suggestions to process, we can then decide how or whether to approach the right people. If you want to contribute some suggestions (or even complaints) then please send an e-mail to

Access to City Road Basin

We have received complaints that the gate has remained locked next to the Islington Boat Club. This has prevented the public from accessing the public garden and the Plaza from Graham Street. This has been raised with Islington Council.

Defra Consultation

In March 2011 the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs launched a 3-month consultation on the proposals for moving the waterways into a new charity. This consultation ends on 30th June 2011 and many of us are expecting to take part in it. (See

BW Proposals for the Management of Moorings

In the past 3 months BW have published some draft proposals for enforcing continuous cruising on the River Lea, River Stort and Hertford Union Canal. This was quickly followed by an online petition from the London Boaters group. This is a very complex matter and opinions are divided amongst the Friends of Regent's Canal, so it is unlikely that we will be submitting any collective comments in public consultations. However, we can facilitate the exchange of information, by posting articles on our website. This is worth monitoring, because although the Regent's Canal was excluded from the proposals it is inevitable that its mooring capacity will be affected immediately after boaters are driven out of neighbouring waterways.

Towpath Cycling

The number of complaints about towpath cycling has been increasing and many pedestrians have reported that they feel so vulnerable on the towpath that they avoid the canal altogether. The BW "Code of Conduct" signs make it very clear that considerate cyclists are permitted on the towpath and that pedestrians have priority, but many people ignore these signs and avoidable collisions and near-misses keep occurring. This whole issue is being addressed by councillors, assembly members, cycling groups, the safer neighbourhood teams and BW rangers. We are trying to promote alternative routes for cyclists in a hurry and have arranged a trial run on 1st June.

Ian Shacklock
30th May 2011