The Future of the Friends of Regent's Canal

At our meeting on 19th February 2014 we will spend a few minutes discussing our future organisation.

Our public meetings are very popular and we should look at ways of supplementing them with smaller meetings. These could be at locations such as the Lock Keeper's Cottage in Camden, which now includes a Community table that groups like ours can book in advance.

We also need to review the way we communicate. Bulletins are sent by e-mail to a distribution list of over 400 recipients. Typically, there are a couple of bulletins a month, but there are subgroups who would like to receive information more frequently. We are now on Twitter and we should think about how to make sensible and effective use of this facility.

We need to decide whether it is in our interests to have a constitution. This is the sort of discussion that could be quite lengthy and is unsuitable for a public meeting.

If you have any comments on the future of our group then please send an e-mail to If appropriate, we will publish them on this website or we will discuss them at our next meeting.

This page will be extended over the next few weeks, as and when ideas are submitted.