General News

The Guardian, 29th June 2017. Unlocking potential: meet the volunteers on the waterways
Islington Gazette, 2nd June 2017. Angel Canal Festival 'could close' after 31 years
Islington Tribune, 21st April 2017. Two men knocked into canal as hoardings fall
Camden New Journal, 30th March 2017. Let's have a proper debate on fuels and air quality
Royal Central, 13th March 2017. Princess Anne opens new exhibitions to celebrate London Canal Museum 25th anniversary
Towpath Talk, October 2016. Annniversary Angel
Islington Tribune, 9th September 2016. Pushing the boat out for 30th anniversary of canal festival
Islington Tribune, 2nd September 2016. Mayor to open Angel Canal Festival
Islington Gazette, 23rd August 2016. Mayor of Islington to open Angel Canal Festival in celebration of its 30th birthday
Towpath Talk, 19th August 2016. London's Regent's Canal celebrates its 200th birthday
Camden New Journal, 18th August 2016. Celebrations at 200th anniversary of opening of Regent's Canal
Islington Tribune, 12th August 2016. Canal-side pub that closed in 2014 isn't going to become flats... it's going to be a pub again!
Camden New Journal, 11th August 2016. Sluice talk at the Lock-keepers Cottage
Evening Standard, 22nd July 2016. Regent's Canal turns green after 'explosion' of duck weed forms on London waterway
Camden New Journal, 31st March 2016. Hundreds of officers join 6am swoop on canal drugs gang suspects
ONTV TV clip featuring Lower Regent's Coalition
Islington Tribune, 30th January 2015. Could Angel II canal boat charity be sunk by funding axe?
Islington Tribune, 12th September 2014. LETTERS: Turning our canal into a green space for everybody.
Hackney Gazette, 11th September 2014. House boat burglar jumped in Regent's Canal to flee police.
Camden New Journal, 11th July 2014. Data map reveals Regent's Canal is among most snapped places in London on social media.
Islington Gazette, 24th May 2014. Volunteers help transform canal-side gardens in Islington
Camden New Journal, 14th May 2014. Loch Ness monster swims away from Camden Lock to avoid film crews shooting BBC crime drama
Camden New Journal, 2nd May 2014. Costa Coffee opens FOURTH branch in Camden Town
Hackney Gazette, 12th May 2014.
Evening Standard, 12th May 2014.
Islington Gazette, 21st May 2014.
Snakes which can kill a small dog invade Regent's Canal
Wild snakes living in north London may be culled
Giant snake skin found in Islington car garage
Islington Tribune, 25th April 2014. Painting of Regent's Canal in glorious colour is centrepiece of artist's new show
Islington Gazette, 22nd March 2014. Pupils revive Islington patch of canal side paradise
Islington Tribune, 14th March 2014. Soil delivery for Angel canal garden unearths fresh interest from volunteers
Hackney Gazette, 12th February 2014. Hackney residents blow the whistle on crime
Camden New Journal, 27th January 2014. Canal body find: Still no ID for woman pulled out of water in Camden Town
Islington Tribune. 25th October 2013. Walking tall in the City Basin. Circular towpath route finally opens
Camden New Journal, 5th September 2013. PROPERTY: Viewpoint platform planned for Regent's Canal aims to create intimate atmosphere
Islington Tribune. 30th August 2013. Letter: Wonderful canal festival that's sure to float your boat
Islington Tribune. 23rd August 2013. Barge-pole attack on swans condemned as 'a new low' - Canal trust urged to curb anti-social behaviour plaguing waterway
Islington Gazette. 17th August 2013. Ice enthusiasts head for super-cool day at frozen pioneer's former factory
Waterways World, September 2013. Warning on London Canal Locks
Islington Tribune. 16th August 2013. Letter: Be a festival volunteer (Angel Canal Festival)
Camden New Journal, 15th August 2013. Green river: Camden Town doesn't have to wait for St Patrick's Day
Narrowboat World, 9th August 2013. Lock dangers: 'CaRT needs to shape up a lot'
Islington Gazette, 8th August 2013. 'Lawless' City Road canal basin could lead to teens being crushed to death
Islington Tribune, 2nd August 2013. Don't swim in canal, warns waterways charity
Islington Tribune, 5th July 2013. The wrong kind of canal locks - four gates still block basin towpath route
Islington Tribune, 5th July 2013. Letters: Walkers not trespassers
Islington Tribune, 28th June 2013. Another summer without a walk in park by the canal
Islington Gazette, 5th April 2013. Islington Regent's Canal stretch in line for £100,000 makeover
Islington Tribune, 8th February 2013. Let us walk by lakeside
Islington Tribune, 18th January 2013. Mixed response to plans for café and studio on Regent's Canal
Islington Tribune, 12th October 2012. Plea to open up towpath around City Road Basin
Islington Tribune, 14th September 2012. Anger over canal furniture exhibition ‘stunt’.
Islington Tribune, 14th September 2012. Islington Tribune, 14th September 2012. Float your ideas here.
Islington Tribune, 7th September 2012. Floating homes plan fuels Regent’s Canal towpath war.
Islington Gazette, 30th August, 2012. Horse tows historic canal boat to King’s Cross museum.
Islington Gazette, 16th August, 2012. Restored narrow boat will be towed to King’s cross museum by horse.
Islington Gazette, 18th July, 2012. Islington boat owners forced to move homes after Olympics take over Regent’s Canal.
Camden New Journal, 12th July 2012. 'The motorway of its day' celebrates its 200th anniversary with the Regent's Canal Festival
Tower Habitats, 9th February 2012. Canal Club garden attracts people and wildlife.
Islington Gazette, 9th February 2012. Olympic light display opened by silver medallist.
Islington Gazette, 18th August 2011. Angel Canal Festival.
Various Letters. June/July 2011. St Peter's Bi-Election
Islington Tribune, 1st April 2011 Speaking up for canals
Islington Tribune, 10th September 2010. British Waterway scheme slammed by angry residents
West End Extra, 19th August 2010. Muppets creator's flats in Camden Lock graffiti row
Islington Tribune, 2nd April 2010 Glasses raised as walkers win right to stroll in park by canal
Islington Tribune, 7th august 2009 Letter: Canal café misses you
Islington Tribune, 31st July 2009 Canal bosses threaten to sink the Sandwich Barge
Camden New Journal, 4th January 2007. Canal-side refurbs are for the best
Camden New Journal, 28th January 2005. Fears that lights will lure late-night life to towpath
Camden New Journal, 31st December 2004. Canal light plan sparks danger alert

Mooring, Litter and other issues

Islington Tribune, 24th March 2017. Boater: We're winning pollution battle
The Times, 24th February 2017. Housing crisis clogs up the canals
Islington Tribune, 24th February 2017. Committed to clearing the air with the first canal 'eco zone'
Islington Tribune, 24th February 2017. So unfair to Regent's Canal's lovely, solar-powered book barge
Islington Tribune, 17th February 2017. Housing crisis: now it's chaos on the canals
Islington Tribune, 17th February 2017. Canalside walk ruined by choking fumes from boats
BBC, 15th April 2016. The canal boat dwellers told to keep moving or face eviction
Telegraph, 26th July 2015. Living on a houseboat: a cheap housing alternative?
Daily Mail, 13th July 2015. Canalboats become the new property must-haves for Londoners
Yahoo News, 8th July 2015. Flood of Londoners take to boats to escape rising housing costs
Hackney Citizen, 15th December 2014. No moor room: canal boat families fight for their own stretch of water on River Lea
West End Extra, 7th November 2014. LETTERS: We're drifting towards gridlock on the Regent's Canal
BBC Radio 4, 24th October 2014. Canal overcrowding
Islington Tribune, 5th September 2014. Towpath clean-up on the way at 'lawless' Regent's Canal as chicanes are brought in to slow down speeding cyclists
Islington Tribune, 5th September 2014. LETTERS: Regent's Canal towpath is a great asset, so please respect it
Islington Tribune. 1st August 2014. Daughter of London Mayoral hopeful is thrown into water from towpath.
Hackney Gazette. 29th July 2014. Woman could have drowned under her bike in Regent's Canal attack
Evening Standard. 3rd June 2014. Just one dinghy afloat as police crack down on Canalival festival.
Hackney Gazette. 2nd June 2014. Would-be Canalival revellers heed police warnings.
Hackney Citizen. 30th May 2014. Oh no, not again! Environmental destruction' warning over Canalival 2014
Callylabourcouncillors. 8th April 2014. Anti-social behaviour by a minority of boat owners is causing misery on the Cally section of Regent's canal
King's Cross Environment. 8th April 2014. How can canal users and canal side residents 'live harmoniously and healthily together'?
Evening Standard. 31st March 2014. Chelsea houseboat owners 'told to weigh anchors to make room for Russian mega-yachts.
Guardian. 17th March 2014. Home and dry: young people on alternatives to buying a place.
Evening Standard. 20th February 2014. Houseboats in London - how to get a foot on the alternative property ladder
Private Eye. 24th January 2014. Water Rats (Eviction petition)
Islington Tribune. 3rd January 2014. Trolleys, car doors and about three motorbikes a month... it's amazing what's dumped in Islington's canal
Islington Tribune. 13th December 2013. Letter: Bumper-to-bumper boats would make canal invisible
Islington Tribune. 6th December 2013. Letter: Narrow boats make canal towpath safer
Islington Tribune. 29th November 2013. FORUM: Turn a blind eye and canal could become a floating caravan park
Waterways World, November 2013, page 11. Letter about mooring congestion in London.
Islington Tribune. 25th October 2013. Letter: We could lose our historic working boats from canal
Islington Tribune, 18th October 2013. Charity is urged to act over loud music, late-night drinking and boat smoke on the canal
Islington Gazette, 8th August 2013. 'Lawless' City Road canal basin could lead to teens being crushed to death
Camden New Journal, 1st August 2013. Wildlife abandons mucky canal waters
Hackney Gazette, 1st August 2013. Olympic legacy claims blasted, as 'sick stunt' turns 'toxic' River Lea fluorescent green
Islington Tribune, 21st June 2013. Increase in anti-social behaviour on towpath fuels legal threat against Canal and River Trust
Islington Tribune, 7th June 2013. Investigation launched into claims that excessive boat noise and fumes are making lives a misery for residents along Regent's Canal
Narrowboat World, Saturday, 8th June 2013. More engine noise complaints
Hackney Gazette, 30th March 2013. Arts centre set for canalside in Hackney despite boat dwellers' opposition
Islington Tribune, 8th February 2013. Air pollution
Hackney Gazette, 28th January 2013. Litter louts urged to stop dumping household waste on Regent's Canal
Evening Standard, 22nd January 2013. 'Barge rage' at canal as locals protest over smoke and noise
Islington Tribune, 11th January 2013. Councillor says 'huge increase in dirty and noisy canal boats' close to homes could force residents to move away
Narrowboat World, 7th September 2012. Continuous moorers ousted
Islington Gazette, 18th August 2011. Regent's Canal sea of green.
Camden New Journal, 4th August 2011. Invasion of Duckweed.
Camden New Journal, January 2010. Letter: Never mind scaremongers - you're safe on the canal.
Camden New Journal, 7th January 2010. Canal towpath attacks warning - gunpoint threat to pedestrians using Regent's Canal path.
Camden New Journal, 14th June 2007. Castaway on Regent's Canal.

Freight by Water

Islington Tribune, 14th April 2017. Waterways hold the key to ending our roads nightmare
Islington Tribune, 7th April 2017. Builders can use canal barges not lorries
Camden New Journal, 16th March 2017. Wharf development objectors call for canals to be used for freight
Camden New Journal, 16th October 2014. Call to use canal as freight route to lessen load on roads
Islington Tribune, 22nd February 2013. Our narrow streets are no place for hazardous lorries
Camden New Journal, 14th February 2013. Railway developers are urged to use canals
Camden New Journal, 31st January 2013. Go by canal and barge
Camden New Journal, 17th January 2013. (Freight) On the water
Camden New Journal, 10th January 2013. Canal vs lorries row may go to court
Islington Tribune, 24th June 2011 Go with the flow... switch freight to canals
Islington Tribune, 10th June 2011 Gerald Heward: ‘The Regent’s Canal is a wasted freight-moving asset’

Property Development

Camden New Journal, 25th January 2018. Canalside developments decision should send a message
Camden New Journal, 18th January 2018. Planning inspector spikes bid for private canalside flats at Bangor Wharf
Camden New Journal, 11th January 2018. There is still time to object to canalside plans
Camden New Journal, 11th January 2018. Ugly developments abound - are we to be turned into the Croydon of north London?
Camden New Journal, 21st December 2017. Fashion giant's HQ 'would destroy canal'
South China Morning Post, 28th August 2017 No.3 Canalside Walk: a waterfront enclave in prime Central London
Islington Tribune, 25th August 2017. Warehouse plans will turn Regent's Canal near King's Cross into a canyon
Islington Tribune, 21st April 2017. Two men knocked into canal as hoardings fall
Camden New Journal, 20th April 2017. New floors planned for Ice Wharf building at Camden Lock
Islington Tribune, 6th April 2017. Builders can use canal barges not lorries
Islington Tribune, 31st March 2017. Don't destroy historic warehouses' character
Camden New Journal, 16th March 2017. Wharf development objectors call for canals to be used for freight
Camden New Journal, 16th March 2017. Letter: Revised One Housing plan for canalside must be rejected
Private Eye, Issue 1438 Paddington Basin: Swizz canal
Camden New Journal, 26th January 2017. Parts of the canal towpath resemble a scene from Teletubbyland
Islington Tribune, 2nd December 2016. Canalside flats in doubt as iconic studios calls for judicial review
Evening Standard, 16th November 2016. Property promotion: New waterfront homes along Regent's Canal
Hackney Citizen, 18th July 2016. Holborn Studios: 'act of betrayal' leads campaigners to call for judicial review
Hackney Gazette, 14th July 2016. Letter: Holborn Studios: this demolition is crazy
Waterways World, April 2016. Another wharf threatened on the Regent's Canal
Islington Tribune, 29h April 2016. Company is accused of having 'no respect for nature' after cutting down trees by canal
Camden New Journal, 7th April 2016. Councils and developers are unnatural partners
Evening Standard Letters page, 5th April 2016. Development can ruin our waterways
Evening Standard Homes & Property, 30th March 2016. Regeneration opens up canalside living
Camden New Journal, 17th March 2016. Bangor Wharf on the canal should be 'future proofed' and not lost to housing
Camden New Journal, 17th March 2016. Wharf plan would put the canal in the shade
Camden New Journal, 10th March 2016. Vision for wharf site not future proof
Hackney Gazette, 5th November 2015. Renewed flats threat to 'vibrant' working community at Holborn Studios
Hackney Gazette, 5th November 2015. Renewed flats threat to 'vibrant' working community at Holborn Studios
Londonist, 4th November 2015. What Will Become Of Holborn Studios?
Hackney Citizen, 17th September 2015. Iconic Holborn Studios under renewed threat of development
Camden New Journal, 16th July 2015. Camden Lock redevelopment plea: 'Don't Disneyfy Dead Dogs Basin'
City AM, 25th June 2015. Camden undergoes digital revolution
East London Lines, 3rd June 2015. Locals fight canalside redevelopment plan
Hackney Citizen, 1st June 2015. Campaigners furious over 'alien spaceship' building proposed for canalside
Hackney Gazette, 28th May 2015. Horror over Hackney canal 'spaceship' plans
Islington Tribune, 9th January 2015. Studios where Madonna and David Bowie have posed face demolition under developer's plans for luxury flats and offices
London Live, 22nd December 2014. Camden Market floated on the Stock Exchange Unaffordable homes near Camden Lock Market
Independent, 20th December 2014. Camden Market stall holders in 'state of fear' over development plans
Hackney Gazette, 18th December 2014 Fears fresh proposals for Holborn Studios could destroy "charm of canal"
Sky News, 13th December 2014. Campaigners Vow To Fight Gasworks Demolition
Independent 12th November 2014. Gasometers: Sleeping Giants
Camden New Journal, 14th July 2014. Camden Lock owners plan £20 million overhaul
Spanish TV, 30th May 2014 Feature on Regent's Canal property development ("l'utlim secret, Londres").
Hackney Gazette, 21st May 2014 Holborn Studios saved from demolition threat
Islington Tribune, 7th February 2014. 'Two-finger' towers are a growing problem as buildings block residents' views
Islington Tribune, 31st January 2014. Is this Canal Basin's Lexicon tower the shape of things to come at hospital?
Waterways World, November 2013. Camden Canal Information Centre reopens
Islington Gazette, 22nd August 2013. Fears conservation in Islington is being hit by rise in developments
Evening Standard, 5th and 8th July 2013. Letters about overseas investment in empty new London homes.
Islington Tribune, 15th January 2013. Canalside café at City Road Basin is the planners' cup of tea
Evening Standard, 21st January 2013. Shutters may come down on 'Abbey Road' photo studios
Hackney Gazette, 10th January 2013. Iconic Holborn Studios in Hoxton under threat of demolition
Camden New Journal, 29th November 2012. Campaign group calls for 'anti-tourist' towpath wall as decision on £300m Hawley Wharf development looms
Islington Tribune, 16th November 2012. Park we were promised has become a gated community.
Camden New Journal, 15th November 2012. Enforcement notice issued over lock-keeper's cottage information centre stand-off with coffee giants Starbucks
Hackney Gazette, 18th October 2012. Eagle Wharf development: `Goodbye heritage, hello Silicon Canal?` asks Regent's Canal campaigner
Islington Gazette, 18th October 2012. Building starts on Islington's tallest skyscraper
Islington Tribune, 28th September 2012. Canal campaigners say towpath made narrow by developers building tower block is ‘a danger to walkers’.
Islington Gazette, 27th September 2012. Regent’s Canal friends’ anger as walkway ‘vanishes’.
Ham and High, 14th September, 2012. Controversial new plans for Hawley Wharf development next to Regent’s Canal unveiled.
Camden New Journal, 13th September 2012. Radically revised plans for Hawley Wharf are 'a victory for people power', say campaigners
Ham and High, 16th August 2012. Canal at risk of losing charm from shadow of development.
Islington Tribune, 27th July 2012. This looks like a gated community, minus the gates.
Camden New Journal, 26th July 2012. PROPERTY: After criticism from civic groups, King’s Cross project will see construction of new buildings, even before tenants are ready to move in.
Camden New Journal, 26th July 2012. Recession blamed as King’s Cross developer shelves plan for ‘spectacularly lit’ glass bridge to Granary Square.
Guardian. 11th June 2012. Public spaces in Britain's cities fall into private hands
Hackney Gazette, 18th May 2012. Luxury flat owners' horror as Regents Canal boats moor up outside their homes.
Hackney Gazette, 19th October 2011. Tory demands a lifeline for Hackney artists facing eviction.
Hackney Gazette, 28th July 2011. Rosemary Works Demolition.
Hackney Gazette, 21st July 2011. Rosemary Works Demolition.
Islington Tribune, 13th July 2007 Letters: City Road Basin .
Islington Tribune, 8th December 2006 Ken runs rule over towers

Towpath Cycling

Sunday Telegraph, 4th December 2016 Cyclists and mobile phone obsessives turn Britain's tranquil towpaths into accident black spots
Evening Standard, 9th July 2015 Cyclists urged to slow down on canal towpath after beloved kitten killed by bike in east London
Evening Standard, 22nd May 2015 Female cyclist shoved into canal by gang of youths while cycling on east London towpath
Islington Gazette, 1st October 2014. Petition's proposals could lure "aggressive" cyclists off the Regent's Canal "racetrack"
Islington Tribune, 5th September 2014. Towpath clean-up on the way at 'lawless' Regent's Canal as chicanes are brought in to slow down speeding cyclists. (With online comments)
Camden New Journal, 15th August 2013. Letter: safer routes (for cyclists).
Islington Tribune, 26th July 2013. Cyclists must accept they are third priority when crowds throng canal towpath.
Islington Tribune, 19th July 2013. Letter from Andrew Gilligan: "Towpaths".
Islington Tribune, 12th April 2013. Designer believes elevated route along Regent's Canal would clear crowded towpath - but it is dismissed as `bonkers`.
Camden New Journal, 10th January 2013. Cycling and the canal
Road cc (cycle website), 30th December 2012. London's cycle commuter boom causes problems on Regents Canal towpath
Islington Gazette, 20th December 2012. Regent's Canal cycling coordinator appointed
Evening Standard, 29th June 2012. Cyclists sink drive for canalside harmony.
Islington Tribune, 29th June 2012. Bell tolls for ‘two-tings’ towpath cycle scheme.
Islington Tribune, 29th June, 2012 It’s no joke, planners are guilty of canal vandalism.
Islington Tribune, 8th June 2012. Yellow-jersey cyclists are forcing elderly off towpath.
Islington Tribune, 25th May 2012. Fears of towpath conflict during Olympics.
Islington Tribune, 17th February 2012. Wider towpath bid to end battle for space.
Islington Tribune, 25th November 2011. Regent’s Canal towpath chicanes not the answer’.
Islington Tribune, 29th September 2011. Calls to ban reckless riders on the Regent’s Canal.
Islington Tribune, 15th July 2011. Menace on Regent's Canal towpaths.
Islington Tribune, 10th June 2011. Speeding cyclists on Regent’s Canal towpath: ‘Someone will end up in canal’.
Islington Tribune, 10th June 2011 How walkers can reclaim the towpath’s tranquillity
Islington Tribune, 3rd June 2011 Travel expert Christian Wolmar steps into the Regent’s Canal towpath row
Islington Tribune, 29th April 2011. Bid to outlaw reckless cycling under fire
Islington Tribune, 1st April 2011 Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones takes on Regent's Canal towpath cyclists
Camden New Journal, 9th January 2010 Canal towpath attacks warning - gunpoint threat to pedestrians using Regent's Canal path


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