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Matters discussed at previous meetings

22nd March 2017 Mooring, litter collection, electric charging. Development of Regent's Wharf and Bangor Wharf. Water-borne freight.
19th September 2016 Development of Regent's Wharf. Heritage celebrations. Mooring issues.
22nd June 2016 Wildlife projects. Local canal festivals.
30th March 2016 Changes along the canal. Festivals. Bangor Wharf.
7th December 2015 Phone masts at Angel Wharf. Angel Canal Festival. Heritage project. Bangor Wharf. Recycling facility.
23th September 2015 Camley Street Natural Park. Camden and Hackney planning matters.
6th July 2015 Heritage project. Aggressive development along the canal.
13th May 2015 Volunteering projects.
11th March 2015 General discussion.
15th December 2014 Emergency meeting - Holborn Studios.
26th November 2014 Mooring Capacity.
10th September 2014 Antisocial behaviour.
28th May 2014 Air quality.
19th February 2014 Volunteering. Future of our group. Mooring and air quality.
20th November 2013 Mooring and other issues.
11th September 2013 Crime. Litter. Volunteering.
29th May 2013 Waterside architecture.
13th February 2013 Alternative cycle routes. Safety and Security. Wildlife Projects.
7th November 2012 Demolition of Holborn Studios. Accessibility at City Road Basin. Security.
5th September 2012 Community Organisers. Wildlife on Your Waterways. Olympic Park. Accessibility. Mooring policies.
23rd May 2012 Issues in St Peter's Ward (Islington). Issues elsewhere. Localism. Innovation. Canal Information Centre (Camden).
15th February 2012 Issues in St Peter's Ward (Islington). Controversial planning applications. Litter problems. Canal closures. Canal and River Trust.
7th December 2011 Litter clearance and habitat improvement. Impact of Olympics. London Elections in May 2012. Celebrations in 2012.
7th September 2011 Cycle calming. Noise and other pollution from static boats.
1st June 2011 Water freight industry. Art displays and musicals. Angel Canal Festival.
2nd March 2011 Deserted Highways Report. Biodiversity.
1st December 2010 King's Cross Central. Canal musical.