Petition - Make New North Road Safe

Why is this petition so important?

One of the aims of this petition is to install traffic signals at the junction where Eagle Wharf Road meets New North Road. This junctions forms part of an alternative cycle route that cyclists have avoided for years because it is lethal. As a result the towpath is saturated with commuter cyclists at peak hours.

The simple solution is to relocate some traffic signals from a point further south.

It is a disgrace that motor vehicles are allowed to terrorise other road users by speeding over the hump back bridge. Please help to encourage the councils to give pedestrians and cyclists the safety they deserve. Without this we will never be able to promote this alternative route. It is the missing piece of our jigsaw.

E-mail from Councillor Klute to Arlington Association

Sent: 08 September 2014 08:53
Subject: Update on New North Road

Further to our conversation at the weekend, a note on the meeting I had with our Highways officer in early August:

The Council have received some funding from TFL for cycling improvements to the new north Road. A scheme has been drawn up, which will be consulted on shortly. The main points of the scheme are:

Signalising of the Baring Street/ NNR junction.
'Squaring up' the Basire Street junction with NNR, to prevent left turn traffic travelling away from the City from slewing round the corner.
In conjunction with Hackney, to close off Eagle Wharf Road to all traffic except cycles and install a 'Toucan' crossing.

One further proposal was to widen the cycle lane accesses to the Arlington Square area. I suggested that this be dropped since it would do significant damage to the pocket parks. I believe that increasing the radius of the kerbs, as has already been done on the Arlington Avenue access is a sufficient improvement.

For some strange reason Hackney don't want to implement the Toucan crossing until 2016, and our Highways officers were proposing to delay the Islington works until then. I suggested there was no reason to wait for hackney, and that we should get on with the works in our borough.

One slightly disturbing issue which came out of the meeting relates to the requirement to consult TFL on the proposals. Aparrently, one of the factors TFL consider when assessing proposals is the level of 'saturation' in the area ie:The amount of traffic. And where 'saturation' levels are high, this would be a factor counting against introducing more traffic signals because it would slow down the traffic! I thought the point of installing traffic lights is to slow down traffic to make the junction safer.

From my point of view, I think the introduction of traffic signals at the junctions both sides of the canal bridge is exactly what we need to calm traffic travelling up and down NNR, and should also make the comings and goings from the Post Office site much safer. Its just frustrating that Hackney aren't going to do their bit for another two years.

I will be watching the outcome of the consultation with TFL very carefully.

If you could circulate this note to your members I would be most grateful.

Best regards,
Cllr Martin Klute
Labour Member for St Peters Ward
Chair: Health Scrutiny Committee
Chair: Planning Sub-Committee 'B'
Blog: This Islington Life
Twitter: @martinklute

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