Closure of walkway at Vincent Terrace

One of the most picturesque and tranquil stretches of the canal has been closed to the public throughout 2014. This can be found between the Islington Tunnel East portal and Danbury Street and it is directly opposite the visitor moorings at Noel Road.

This is an ideal spot for a picnic and is a convenient escape from the busy roads of Islington. The waterways have been dubbed "London's Greatest Park" and this walkway is right at the heart of it, but if the situation between the council and the landlord does not improve then it could be right at the centre of one of London's longest running disputes.

Two months ago the Islington Tribune published a news story about this closure.
(Closed 'dangerous' Angel towpath: Just who is responsible for its upkeep?)
But no visible progress has been made and to the untrained eye this site looks no more dangerous than the roads we are forced to use or the weirs and locks that visitors sometimes climb across unchallenged.

Painting by Melissa Scott-Miller




9th February 2014

8th March 2014
See also the report on Towpath Closure on the Angel Association's website.

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