The Underutilised Water Freight Industry

Is this the crime of the century?

We are very concerned that construction companies habitually use the congested roads instead of the open waterways for transporting materials and waste. The Regent's Canal leads right into the heart of London and water transport is not as slow as people think. Barge capacity is much greater than road vehicle capacity and requires less pulling power. It is vibration-free and environmentally friendly.

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Green Party Report: London's Deserted Highways. (Dec 2004) IWA Freight Group Educational Leaflet. Presentation by Gerry Heward. (Jun 2011)

CRT proposal to alter the second lock chambers. (Nov 2012) News and Views Cross-Rail Failure to use Canal. (March 2012)

Robin Evans Interview Utrecht: beer boat Amsterdam - logistics

King's Place construction King's Cross gasholders Stourton Point

Hawley-Wharf report (PDF)