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7th June 2013, page 11 of printed edition.

7th June 2013, home page of online edition.

The organisers of a rubber dinghy "floating festival" which left a trail of destruction along a London canal have vowed to return and make it even more chaotic.

Thousands of alcohol-fuelled revellers ignored last-minute efforts to cancel this year's "Canalival" in east London and filled the Regent's Canal with inflatable boats. Horrified residents complained that partygoers used their gardens as makeshift toilets, injured the canal's wildlife and left mountains of rubbish after the all-day party on Saturday.

Today organisers said they hoped the festival would one day be as big and wild as Spain's La Tomatina - where participants hurl tomatoes at each other and the streets run red with the fruit's juices.

Co-organiser of "Canalival" Mike O'Shea, 29, who lives in a barge in east London, said: "There has been a lot of negativity about the mess and we obviously angered some local resident which we highly regret. We still see Canalival as potentially a new festival in London which we believe could even rival La Tomatina festival in Spain."

Teacher Bill Bolloten, 54, who lives in London Wharf overlooking the canal, said: "Yes they have this idea of making it some iconic European festival, but frankly most people would say they don't have the skills or experience to organise the event of this scale in the future - it's just nonsense."

But plans for a future festival, have won the unlikely backing of the Friends of the Regent's Canal, provided certain safety conditions are met. The group has called for proper stewarding, limiting the numbers and levying a fee on each dinghy at the festival.

Chairman of the friends group Ian Shacklock said: "It's like legalising cannabis. Don't have it underground so it can be better controlled, but still fun. If it's done like that it will be in all of the glossies next time for the right reasons, but it does need careful thought."

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5th June 2013.

Canalival: Hey! There are better ways to enjoy messing about on the water

4th June 2013, page 45 of printed edition.

3rd June 2013.

Unlicensed 'Canalival' booze-up leaves trail of filthy destruction around Regent's Canal

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