Bangor Wharf appeal is rejected

The government planning officer has supported Camden Council's decision and has rejected One Housing's controversial application. Click here to more information.


New plans for Ted Baker site (Camden)


Camden Council has received formal plans for replacing the Brown Ugly Building in St Pancras Way with an intensified retail, hotel and housing complex.

See here for more information.

Regent's Wharf plans rejected

Islington council's planning committee has unanimously rejected the plans to intensify Regent's Wharf.

A stunning victory: Islington Gazette.

A great result: Islington Tribune.

This decision gives us hope: Islington Tribune.

Holborn Studios hostile plans overturned

A High Court Judge has quashed Hackney Council's decision to destroy Holborn Studios.

Click here for more details.

Save Bangor Wharf (AGAIN!)

Null Bangor Wharf is under assault again by the same developers who want to shoehorn a bulky residential block into a tailor-made road/water access point. The revised application does not offer any significant improvements since the previous one. Click here to find out about the plans and how you can help.

New plans for Regent's Wharf

Null Formal plans for Regent's Wharf have been unveiled and the roof extensions are a bit unorthodox for a conversation area. Click here to see some images and other details.

End of an era at Camley Street Natural Park

Null We have lost a significant chunk of a canalside nature reserve to make way for a yet another footbridge. Click here to see some images.

Meeting and Festival

Null Come to our public meeting on Wednesday 22nd June and to the East End Canal Festival on Sunday 26th June.

Save Bangor Wharf!

Null Bangor Wharf is in serious danger of being transformed from a dormant wharf into an intensively developed housing site. This could ruin the charm and character of a popular quiet, green section of the canal and could scupper any attempts by future generations to use the canal for its intended purpose. Click here to find out about the plans and how you can help.

Planning alert - Vodafone eyes up rooftop in Conservation Area.


See article in the Hackney Citizen and click here to find out how to object.

Camden Council approves controversial design at King's Cross


Click here to see some press cuttings.

Bangor Wharf under threat

Bangor Wharf is in an ideal location to serve the canal but its unique features have been overlooked by Camden Council and the site's owners. This a missed opportunity for a road/water interchange. Click here to see what the developers have in mind.


Another fight to save Holborn Studios

We are helping to save some industrial buildings and a renowned photographic studio complex from an aggressive social and cultural cleansing plan. Click here to view the plans and objections.


Revive Dead Dogs Basin (Camden Market)

We are trying to save a dormant basin from being constricted by a proposed development. Click here to find out why we are doing this and how you can help.


Childhood on London's Canals

Do you live on a narrow boat on London's Canals? Are you between 9 and 14? If so then the London Canal Museum would like to hear from you. Click here to find out about their Childhood project.

In-your-face architecture

Hackney Council has received an aggressive proposal for redevelopment of Canalside Studios in Orsman Road. At our public meeting on 13th May we agreed to submit an objection to this plan. Details and illustrations are available here.


Enough is enough! Save the canal's landscape from further redevelopment

Vincent McCartney (founder of Holborn Studios) has asked the Canal and River Trust to oppose development of commercial, occupied premises along the canal. See the statement that he read out to the user forum on 15th April.

Open Day at Holborn Studios (14th March)

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind scenes at Europe's largest photographic studio complex? See for yourselves on 14th March, when the Friends of Regent's Canal will be manning a stall at the Holborn Studios open day. Between Packington footbridge and Sturt's Lock. N1 7ED.

Thinking of buying a boat?

If so, then make sure that you understand the constraints as well as the benefits, especially if you are thinking of using a boat as an alternative form of accommodation. Please visit

London Canal Volunteers

In November 2014 the BBC1 documentary "Don't Mess with Me" featured the Regent's Canal and the initiatives of the London Canal Volunteers. An illustrated transcript is available here.

Another campaign to save Holborn Studios

Following the decision by Hackney Council to protect the Holborn Studios buildings with a local listing status, the Golds have abandoned their demolition plans and have sold the land to Galliard Homes. Click here to find out what the new owners are hoping to achieve. This story has been covered by the Hackney Gazette and the Islington Tribune.

Campaign to save the floating bookshop

There is a petition to give support to the Word on the Water. This is a floating bookshop that has become a popular tourist attraction in Paddington. Click here to see the petition, a BBC article and some statements from the parties involved. This story is also covered on page 30 of Private Eye (Issue 1380).

Overcrowding in London

There have been reports in the local press and in the Guardian about the ever growing number of houseboats in London. This topic was also discussed on BBC Radio 4. We will be covering canal capacity at our next public meeting on 26th November.

Closure of Lower Regent/s for drainage and repairs

Are you curious about what lies on the bed of the canal? Discover lost basins and other treasures by looking at our photo collection.

Petition to save historic gasholders in Bethnal Green

London is at risk of losing even more of its iconic landmarks in a conservation area.
Click here for more information and to sign a petition. See also these article in the Independent and on Sky News.

Petition to revive a cycle route and ease towpath conflict

One of the main reasons commuter cyclists use the towpath is that some of the roads are too dangerous. We have a chance to rectify this by lobbying the councils to install traffic lights at a lethal junction. Click here for more information and to sign a petition.

Antisocial Behaviour.

We are calling for more police patrols along the canal. Click here for news of an incident where a cyclist was pushed into the canal.

Best practice guide for boaters moored in London.

Islington Council environmental officers have put together some ideas to reduce smoke and noise pollution in built-up areas. Click here to view their draft document.

Canal Heritage projects in Hackney.

An exhibition of canal photographs is on display at Shoreditch Library from 23rd June to 14th July; and on Wednesday 9th July Carolyn Clark will give an illustrated talk at this library. Details available here.

Have your say - visitor mooring proposals in London.

If you want to try to influence the allocation of visitor moorings in central London then please read the plans and the survey.

Volunteering event at City Road Basin (Sat 7th June)

Please join us on Saturday near City Road Lock for a graffiti clean-up session.

Canalival 2014? CRT says No!

The Canal and River Trust has issued an official statement on its website in response to plans for another unauthorised party on the canal. If this seems unreasonable then please see some reports of last year's event.

WANTED - woodland walkway

We have lost access to a beauty spot near the Angel. Click here for further information.

Holborn Studios rescued from the demolition ball

Hackney Council has made it very clear that it does not want to see historic buildings or local jobs destroyed at Eagle Wharf. Find out about its successful project to get these buildings locally listed.

Worried about skyscrapers in London?

Read this article in the Evening Standard and then visit this free Exhibition. It is open Monday to Saturday until 12th June.

Reptiles found along canal banks

... and this time we're NOT referring to dodgy property developers!
Read these articles in the Camden New Journal and the Hackney Gazette and tell us your views on whether we should intervene.

Art Exhibition featuring Regent's Canal

A painting of the Regent's Canal at the Angel by Holloway artist Melissa Scott-Miller has been given pride of place at her new exhibition at the Go Figurative Gallery, in Heath Street, Hampstead.

Call for harmonious co-existence at King's Cross

All is not well between boaters and their land-based neighbours in the Caledonian ward of Islington. Are councillors putting voters before boaters? Or are they acting in everybody's interests and also thinking about the health of visiting boaters? Read some of the comments on the King's Cross Environment website .

CRT Boating Bulletin

The March edition is available in this pdf file . Please read this if you are interested in what is happening on the towpath and on the waterways.

Mooring in London - supply versus demand

Click here to see an article in the Camden New Journal about mooring availability. The CRT is reviewing options for accommodating more boats. Do you want to have your say in advance of any report being published?

Community Planting Event at City Road Basin - Saturday 8th March

Click here for details about a planting event organised by Hanover School and the CRT. Click here for photos of this event.

Holborn Studios Update

Hackney Council's proposal to protect the Holborn Studios buildings has been well received. Click here to see some letters of support.

Mooring news - London Assembly Recommendations

The London Assembly report was published on 27th November and the officers are awaiting feedback from the stakeholders. The main recommendations from this report are reproduced here.

Canal Information Centre

The refurbished Regent's Canal Information Centre is open to the public and it shares a building with a Starbucks store in Camden Town. Click here to see some images of its wall displays.

News about boater evictions

In January an online petition drew attention to some conflicts between boat dwellers and the navigation authority. The Friends of Regent's Canal are not involved with this petition but we have posted some information about it here.

Islington Council Motion

On 10th October Islington Council passed a motion to put pressure on the navigation authority to address mooring, pollution, litter and anti-social behaviour problems along the towpath. Click here to see the official motion and some comments in the local press.

London Assembly Mooring Review (May to November 2013)

Following complaints about air quality in Islington the London Assembly conducted an investigation into the causes and effects of mooring congestion in London. Click here to see the final report (27th November) and other items.

Controversial Planning Applications

For over a year we have been striving to save the iconic chimney and industrial heritage buildings at Holborn Studios. Click here to see what is under threat in Hackney and click here to see the council's proposal to get these buildings locally listed.

Since April 2013 we have been monitoring a scheme to develop modern housing at Bow Wharf. Click here to see what effect this could have on a green corridor in Tower Hamlets.